Chronological List from 1838-2020

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No. 23 of 2020 Public Health (Amendment) Act
No. 22 of 2020 Urban and Regional Planning Profession Act
No. 21 of 2020 Animals (Diseases and Importation) (Amendment) Act
No. 20 of 2020 Miscellaneous Amendments (No. 2) Act
No. 19 of 2020 Kabir Association of Trinidad (Incorporation) (Amendment) Act
No. 18 of 2020 Domestic Violence (Amendment) Act
No. 17 of 2020 Miscellaneous Provisions (Registrar General, Registration of Deeds, Conveyancing and Law of Property, Real Property, Stamp Duty and Registration of Title to Land) Act
No. 16 of 2020 Finance (Supplementary Appropriation) (Financial Year 2020) Act
No. 15 of 2020 Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act
No. 14 of 2020 Copyright (Amendment) Act
No. 13 of 2020 Interception of Communications (Amendment) Act
No. 12 of 2020 Real Estate Agents Act
No. 11 of 2020 Administration of Justice (Electronic Monitoring) (Amendment) Act
No. 10 of 2020 Miscellaneous Amendments Act
No. 9 of 2020 Miscellaneous Provisions (Heritage and Stabilisation Fund, Government Savings Bonds and Value Added Tax) Act
No. 8 of 2020 Miscellaneous Provisions (Age of Retirement of Judges, and Chief Judicial Officers) Act
No. 7 of 2020 Mutual Administrative Assistance in Tax Matters Act
No. 6 of 2020 Income Tax (Amendment) Act
No. 5 of 2020 Tax Information Exchange Agreements Act
No. 4 of 2020 Miscellaneous Provisions [2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)] Act
No. 3 of 2020 Insurance (Amendment) Act
No. 2 of 2020 Finance (Variation of Appropriation) (Financial Year 2019) Act
No. 1 of 2020 Administration of Justice (Indictable Proceedings) (Amendment) Act