Recent Unofficial Consolidations of Laws

These Acts are unofficial consolidations of the Laws. They have not been fully subjected to the final revision process and accordingly they have not yet been incorporated into the Revised Edition.




CHAPTER 4:21 as at 2019 Petty Civil Courts Act
CHAPTER 88:04 as at 2019 Minimum Wages Act
CHAPTER 79:09 as at 2019 Financial Institutions Act
CHAPTER 21:04 as at 2019 National Lotteries Act
CHAPTER 71:41 as at 2019 Government Savings Bonds Act
CHAPTER 67:02 as at 2019 Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act
CHAPTER 62:02 as at 2019 Petroleum Production Levy and Subsidy Act
CHAPTER 58:04 as at 2019 Land Surveyors Act
CHAPTER 45:51 as at 2019 Matrimonial Proceedings and Property Act
CHAPTER 45:02 as at 2019 Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act
CHAPTER 39:03 as at 2019 Assisted Secondary School Teachers' Pensions Act
CHAPTER 35:50 as at 2019 Fire Service Act
CHAPTER 32:03 as at 2019 Public Assistance Act
CHAPTER 29:54 as at 2019 Dental Profession Act
CHAPTER 19:04 as at 2019 National Emblems of Trinidad and Tobago (Regulation) Act
CHAPTER 14:04 as at 2019 Visiting Forces Act
CHAPTER 4:20 as at 2019 Summary Courts Act
CHAPTER 85:04 as at 2019 Income Tax (In Aid of Industry) Act
CHAPTER 63:02 as at 2019 Agricultural Fires Act
CHAPTER 18:01 as at 2019 Immigration Act
CHAPTER 6:03 as at 2019 Magistrates Protection Act
CHAPTER 75:06 as at 2019 Value Added Tax Act
CHAPTER 75:04 as at 2019 Petroleum Taxes Act
CHAPTER 58:03 as at 2019 Valuation of Land Act
CHAPTER 46:03 as at 2019 Adoption of Children Act
CHAPTER 45:03 as at 2019 Hindu Marriage Act
CHAPTER 16:01 as at 2019 Firearms Act
CHAPTER 15:06 as at 2019 Strategic Services Agency Act
CHAPTER 10:04 as at 2019 Criminal Law Act
CHAPTER 2:51 as at 2019 Prime Minister's Pension Act