Recent Unofficial Consolidations of Laws

These Acts are unofficial consolidations of the Laws. They have not been fully subjected to the final revision process and accordingly they have not yet been incorporated into the Revised Edition.




CHAPTER 35:49 Basel Convention (Regional Centre for Training and Technology Transfer) Act
CHAPTER 79:02 Central Bank Act
CHAPTER 11:15 Coinage Offences Act
CHAPTER 81:01 Companies Act
CHAPTER 6:04 Coroners Act
CHAPTER 16:02 Explosives Act
CHAPTER 79:09 Financial Institutions Act
CHAPTER 72:01 Financial Intelligence Unit of Trinidad and Tobago Act
CHAPTER 75:01 Income Tax Act
CHAPTER 84:01 Insurance Act
CHAPTER 7:09 Limitation of Certain Actions Act
CHAPTER 19:03 Registrar General Act
CHAPTER 83:02 Securities Act
CHAPTER 4:32 Sentencing Commission Act