Repealed Acts

These are Acts or Ordinances which have been repealed or become spent and no longer form part of the laws of Trinidad and Tobago.

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No. 45 of 2000 Community Mediation (Amendment) Act
No. 38 of 2000 Homes for Older Persons Act
No. 33 of 2000 Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority Act
No. 27 of 2000 Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Identification Act
No. 32 of 1995 Securities Industry Act
No. 10 of 1994 Corporal Punishment (Offenders Not Over Sixteen) (Amendment) Act
No. 40 of 1991 Telecommunications Authority Act
No. 22 of 1990 Trinidad and Tobago Telephone (Amendment) Act
No. 8 of 1989 County Councils (Amendment) Act
No. 2 of 1989 Tourist Board (Amendment) Act
No. 9 of 1988 Licensing of Pool-Rooms (Amendment) Act
No. 23 of 1987 Electoral Candidates (Municipal) Qualifications Act
No. 17 of 1987 Trinidad and Tobago Export Development (Amendment) Act
No. 8 of 1987 Integrity in Public Life Act
No. 29 of 1985 Standards (Amendment) Act
No. 14 of 1984 Point Fortin Corporation (Amendment) Act
No. 7 of 1982 Maxi-Taxi (Amendment) Act
No. 38 of 1981 Tourist Board (Amendment) Act
No. 29 of 1981 Public Utilities Commission (Amendment and Validation) Act
No. 9 of 1981 Hotel Development (Amendment) Act
No. 23 of 1978 Food Stamp Programme (Registration of Retailers) Act
No. 53 of 1975 Sydney Smith (Pension and Gratuity) Act
No. 11 of 1974 Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Enforcement and Administration) Act
No. 33 of 1971 Police Service (Amendment) Act
No. 46 of 1970 National Insurance (Registration) Act
No. 15 of 1970 Trinidad and Tobago Constitution (Amendment) Act
No. 10 of 1970 Local Spiritual Assembly of Bahai's of Port-of-Spain (Incorporation) Act
No. 36 of 1969 Revised Statutes Act
No. 7 of 1969 Citizenship (Amendment) Act