Omitted Acts

These Acts are omitted from the Revised Laws mainly because they are of limited or personal application or are not yet in force.

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No. 33 of 1988 Appropriation Act
No. 25 of 1988 Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects Act
No. 23 of 1988 Mennonite Church (Incorporation) Act
No. 22 of 1988 Hindu Seva Sangh of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act
No. 20 of 1988 Kiwanis Club of Enterprise (Incorporation) Act
No. 17 of 1988 Gandhi Seva Sangh of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act
No. 1 of 1988 Appropriation Act Act
No. 15 of 1987 Emmanuel Community of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act
No. 10 of 1987 Cocoa (Rehabilitation) Board (Former Employees) Act
No. 19 of 1986 Kiwanis Club of Chaguanas (Incorporation) Act
No. 14 of 1986 Paramin Development Committee of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act
No. 9 of 1986 Trustees of the New Apostolic Church (Incorporation) Act
No. 6 of 1986 Finance (Variation of Appropriation) Act
No. 5 of 1986 Pan Trinbago (Incorporation) Act
No. 40 of 1985 Appropriation Act
No. 33 of 1985 Amar Foundation (Incorporation) Act
No. 31 of 1985 Early Church Movement Act
No. 27 of 1985 National Congress of Baptist Organisations (Incorporation) Act
No. 24 of 1985 Hubert Brown (Confirmation of Appointment) Act
No. 23 of 1985 Bernard and Herrera (Trained Teacher Status) Act
No. 18 of 1985 Rent Restriction (Re-enactment and Validation) Act
No. 16 of 1985 St. Hilary's Foundation (Incorporated) Act
No. 15 of 1985 Cyrenius James (Promotion) Act
No. 14 of 1985 Marie Gill (Promotion) Act
No. 11 of 1985 Library Association of Trinidad and Tobago (Incorporation) Act
No. 10 of 1985 Auxiliary Child-Care Trinidad and Tobago Association (Incorporation) Act
No. 9 of 1985 Sea Front Lions Club of Trinidad (Incorporation) Act
No. 1 of 1985 Appropriation Act
No. 22 of 1984 Kiwanis Club of Port-of-Spain West (Incorporation) Act
No. 12 of 1984 Finance (Variation of Appropriation) (1983) Act