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Access Acts/Ordinances alphabetically from 1838-2014.

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No. 21 of 2003 Kidnapping
No. 25 of 1995 Kala Bhairava Foundation (Incorporation)
No. 20 of 1988 Kiwanis Club of Enterprise (Incorporation)
No. 19 of 1986 Kiwanis Club of Chaguanas (Incorporation)
No. 22 of 1984 Kiwanis Club of Port-of-Spain West (Incorporation)
No. 34 of 1981 Kiwanis Club of St. Augustine Trinidad West Indies (Incorporation)
No. 10 of 1978 Kiwanis Club of Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies (Incorporation)
No. 35 of 1977 Kiwanis Club of San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies (Incorporation)
No. 36 of 1932 Kabir Association Incorporation
No. 12 of 1920 Kite Flying
No. 23 of 1895 Kites flying of
No. 19 of 1867 Keeping beds of rivers and water courses clear