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This website is owned by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. It was created and is being continuously updated and managed by the Law Revision Commission which falls under the purview of the Office of the Attorney General and Ministry of Legal Affairs.

This electronic collection of legislative material dating back to the 1800’s has two purposes:

This site enables not only point-in-time searching which allows the law to be viewed at specified times in consolidated form but also gives access to the amending legislation which would have altered the laws over time.

An interesting and notable feature of the site is that it includes those available volumes of the Federal Laws which would have been applicable to Trinidad and Tobago during the years of the West Indian Federation.


We have developed this application for your benefit. What you can expect:


Digital Legislation Library System

The website is built with the purpose of managing and preserving pieces of legislation from past, present and future while making the laws accessible to users. A number of flat user interface components with a clean style that are fully responsive and puts mobile devices first, are used in the design. It was intended that the laws be accessible on all forms of mobile and desktop devices everywhere.

The administrative application is built on a centrally managed database, which includes:

This database offers point in time searching and uses modern XHTML technologies to cross-reference and provide amendment history to associated pieces of legislation.

This site uses Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) documents. You can convert PDF documents to text using Adobe’s PDF web-based conversion service.

As a result of the technologies used, it is expected that the project will enable the Commission to successfully achieve its goal of providing real-time access to the Laws of Trinidad and Tobago.


Available on site

All Acts and Subsidiary Legislation from 1962 to 2022 are available on this site together with most of the pre-Independence primary legislation. Those few volumes which are missing are not available at this time. The Commission will, however, continue to search for the hard copies of those old editions and update the site as time goes on.

Currently the site gives access to –

    • Constitutional Instruments from 1962 to 1976
    • The 2006 Revised Edition of the Laws updated to 31 December 2016
    • The Consolidated versions of the law as it would have existed in 1925, 1940, 1950, 1980 and 2004 – true point-in-time searching of consolidated legislation
    • Amending legislation to principal Acts
    • Subsidiary or subordinate legislation including Rules, Regulations, Orders, Proclamations, Notices, etc.

    • Acts omitted from the revised versions – such as private Acts, financial legislation, incorporations, etc.
    • Acts which have been repealed or spent and which no longer form part of the extant law
    • Statutes from 1900 upwards available both alphabetically and chronologically
    • A collection of the Federal Laws
    • Unofficial Consolidations – Most recent versions of updated laws



This website offers free online access to the unofficial versions of the law. Until now, the only official version is the revised laws consolidated and printed by the Law Revision Commission.

The Commission does not guarantee that all references are correct nor can the Commission give access to every single law that has been enacted as many of the old Ordinances are not available.


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